Hmm. So here's the situation. I've ordered a 10x16 shed and decided to build concrete piers foundation. Iv'e used shed manufacturer instructions but messed up the piers positioning. As you can see I've positioned piers 2 feet away from the shed edge as opposed to 1 ft... (facepalm)

enter image description here

So in order to fix this I plan to use sistered 2x8s instead of 6x6 as suggested by the construction plan. Shed floor has five 4x4 runners which I think will help to distribute the weight (see schematic here) and offset the fact that piers are further from the edge.

Do u guys think this will work?

  • How high above grade level will the shed be? You could put blocking under the joists or skids. It wouldn't tie into the ground, but it would still help support.
    – dabi
    Jun 7, 2019 at 14:49

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Nvm. talked to couple of construction guys that told me Ill be fine -> as long as I use sistered and glued together 2x8s. So I'll go with that.

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