Oriol Miró

I studied Computer Science, specializing in Computer Engineering. This specialization helped me to understand the core of how computer works and I programmed application for embedded systems. I wrote my Bachelor thesis during a semester abroad, in a well-established company. For this thesis, I had to learn a new framework and adapt to a completely new situation, with great success.

I worked for almost a year in a company focused in integrations. Although short, my time there was valuable and I even helped adding some functionalities to their libraries. For this job, I also learned new technologies.

My master is Cognitive Systems, an interdisciplinary master between Computer Science and Psychology. I did it abroad and in an international context. During this master I did courses, seminars, and projects in various areas: Data Science and Big Data, Semantic Web Technologies, Serious Games...

I do believe Computing is an ever and constant changing field, so during my years of education, I learned a bit of everything to have a good base on whatever it is I need to tackle in the future.

My previous experience taught me to adapt and learn new technologies efficiently and reliably.

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