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How could I extend a baby gate at the bottom?
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Measure your baby. The 3" gap is based on (a) minimum baby size across all babies expected to use the units, plus (b) a generous quantity of CYA on the manufacturer's part. Thus, 4" is likely just ...

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Do I have to do anything special when laying a shed? Ie foundations/bases etc?
5 votes

Wood in contact with the ground will always rot. Treated wood will do it slower. Depending on your climate, the shed might rot out in just a couple of years. So yes, you need a foundation, but as @...

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How can I find a replacement aerator for this faucet?
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The whole round part on the end unscrews. The white bits are the remains of a flow limiter and aerator (which drop in from the top once the assembly is removed). While I wasn't able to find just a ...

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