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The Personal Pronouns that I use for myself are: I / me / my / mine / myself


I have no problem with ye using whichever third-person pronouns address me that you want, so long as it is comprehensible. A person using a niche and specialised word has only hitself to blame when hoi polloi don't understand it.

Language is first, and foremost, about communication, and everything else should take a backseat to that. If a specific form of "Modernising", "Evolving" or "Politically Correctness" get in the way of that, then that form needs to be taken back to basics - not shoved through willy-nilly.

Sometimes just looking back in history will turn up a perfectly suitable deprecated word for an idea that just fell out of usage - try giving some of those a dust off before inventing new ones.

Keep calm, carry on, be excellent to each other, and - most importantly - take a moment to accept who you are and reflect on how you measure you self-worth, instead of just blindly accepting society's yammering that people need to be "beautiful", "rich" or "famous" to be happy.

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