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Does a kink in a snake ruin it?
4 votes

For future reference, I was able to solve the issue of kinks in the snake by taking a pair of needle nosed pliers on either side of the kink and bending it back into place. This isn't perfect - there ...

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How to change battery in garage door keypad?
Accepted answer
5 votes

I found this page which stated: The second oldest style keypads have a pin hole at the bottom of the keypad cover. You will have to insert a small Phillips screw driver into the small hole at the ...

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Can I use a 23 W CFL in a fixture that's rated for a 60 W incandescent?
1 votes

There is one issue I see not addressed by other answers, and that is, a 23W CFL is not appropriate in any kind of lamp that has a dimmer unless it is specifically a dimmable CFL bulb. It's quite ...

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