I started writing software in 1965 on the IBM 7040 (using cards). In 1968 I started writing device level software (they didn't call them drivers in those days). In 1969 I joined the Air Force where I was a "rocket scientist" for the Titan II. In 1974 I joined DNA Systems where we wrote a time sharing system for an IBM system (I wrote simulators, drivers and memory management internals). In 1987 I started writing PC BIOS substitutes for the INT routines. In '90 I joined up with AMI where I wrote SCSI host adapter internals then BIOS code then managed the BIOS porting group. In '95 I joined up with Symbios (now LSI) and wrote SCSI code for some of their chips. Then on to Adaptec where I wrote SCSI and BIOS internals for some external SCSI bridge devices. Later with iVivity I helped develop the iSCSI architecture and wrote the iSCSI target and initiator. Later I worked for Wasabi where I wrote embedded SCSI code for Seagate. Then in 2011 I wrote Cisco's transceiver library for the Nexus 7000. Then on to Micron where I wrote simulation code for one of their SSD's. Now I'm retired and program as a hobby writing Windows and Linux file system drivers to support that old time sharing system we developed in '74.

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