Started with 8085's having to retype every program every day (for you younger ones that was before car phones but after radio phones). Back then developing a program and the device it ran on very much the same project and people overlapped. As life moved on I slowly wandered away from coding, mostly becoming a user, except widgets written for myself. Now I find myself suddenly facing a situation where I must learn enough to deliver a data management system for users with no hope of understanding how it does what it does. That includes gathering data from both people and websites in near real time 24/7/365 for record keeping, evaluation, forecasting, and actionable reports daily. Have tried to hire coders to do this but seems those I've met that can code just can't understand the business world. I don't need a website, I need to know what's on fire, why, and how to fix that. It didn't help that the budget given is only sized for hiring a vagabond to guard a lamp post for an hour. Since I can't abandon any other work duties to accomplish this, there is obviously no time for a return to school timelines (months-years), so I must self-teach the many gaps between what was to what is. I willingly do as much research as I can on methods before asking any questions, but have seen two major problems with "basic questions". First there's more detail skipped at that level because, well, doesn't everyone already know that? Secondly, poor or wrong answers are common, perhaps since the "experts" shy away and these "solutions" go unchallenged. This was the cause of my first question here, which I have resolved only how to get past. I still don't know why it worked at all in the first place, even though it's method is used on many sites. This is not a rant, most of life works this way. Not only will I get this done, difficulty doesn't change anything, but I will finish with a smile on my face because I will change the actual lives of the people who use it. So now in fairness to others like me, I will go edit-in the solution to my question. Bet no one reads this far lol.

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