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A collection of mathematicians who died under unfortunate circumstances.

  • My blood type is Microsoft .NET. I like typing semicolons.
  • I learnt a lot from my mistakes, so I decided to make more mistakes to learn more.
  • If I get stuck while working on a challenge, I will take a break and come back to try again fresh. I don't use a rubber duck (as a sex toy).

Our universe wasn't created but shrinks & expands periodically forever. Gods were certainly created by cave men who assumed that the universe needs to be created. Why do Gods (if exist) have no a hashing-like mechanism to verify the integrity of their written messages? Because their Gods were defined without anticipating there will be skeptical, innocent yet intelligent modern men.

The first person to port MathJaX to Blazor WASM will be hailed as the messiah.

I'm a true good-looking & sexy idiot but I'm very poor. My friends describe me as a highly driven individual with a wide range of skills, capable of doing anything. I describe myself as curious, intuitive, sincere & above all, honest.

On any examinations I always got 0 out of 100. My parents had no idea that I have a learning disability until I found and that have changed my life.

Now I love math, physics & programming. I learnt Basic, Pascal, C/C++, TypeScript, C#, Mathematica, Java, & Python. C# is the best. I also love bothering other people.

I often compare PSTricks to a Swiss Army knife: age-old, trusted, incredibly versatile, yet potentially mind boggling and full of pointy things that could really hurt me. However after digging deeply into it & knowing the knife safety rules, then I don't look for another pocketknife.

I'm a sort of person who can't be bothered to read documentation even after wrong things have happened. It is my learning style.

Based on the 3rd law of Newton, my attitude is a reaction of your action. If you don't like my attitude, blame yourself!

I can tell you more but then I have to kill you!


  • If you can clearly see a \path, you can be sure it’s someone else’s, not yours.
  • The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • Unlike learning martial arts, no computers will be injured as you learn to program.
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