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What profession/company is specialized in home air leaks?
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What you need is called an Energy Audit. We had one done on our home several years ago. They go through your home looking for areas lacking in energy efficiency. One of the major parts of the audit is ...

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Can I use a single air gap for a reverse osmosis system and a dishwasher?
2 votes

You have two options which are equally acceptable. Option one is a dual inlet air gap. It provides two inlets - one for dishwasher, and another for a water purification system. Installation is ...

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Backwater valves, furnace drains, and vent pipes
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1) Recommendations vary from inspecting every 3 months to every 1 year. You're checking for any debris that might prevent the valve from closing if water does come up the drain backwards. If a furnace ...

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Can I install a new dishwasher with no ground conductor?
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I installed a Bosch 500 series dishwasher approximately 45 days ago so I am familiar with the setup that has been provided to you. In terms of making the connection to the dishwasher itself they have ...

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