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I'm a city boy transplant to the country. I have worked in the information technology business for years, starting my own company in 2012 specializing in web development and network management. Since then I have branched out to cloud services and managed IT services.

In late 2015 I moved to central VA with my wife and kids to be closer to her family and where she grew up. It has been an interesting transition from the city life to the country life...still getting used to hearing cows moo randomly throughout the day! I transferred my company to VA and have started working in the local community and surrounding areas providing IT services. I have also started a little homestead farm and am looking forward to the coming spring so we can plant our gardens.

While not well versed in the country life, I do have a lot of experience with life in general, working in the construction and electrical fields before deciding to follow IT as a career. I will do my best to provide advise on topics I have experience with from work and life!

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