Well, my evaluation of Stack Exchange & most specifically (to this account) their DIY or Home Improvement site is now over (April 1st 2016).

Except for a just a dozen of users with major mental disorders. The Community overall is fairly stable. Unfortunately, the entire Community of Communities that make up Stack Exchange is fully unaware of the endless fraud.

No, there's no Wiki available to anyone nor will there be. No, there's almost no organization nor boil-down of previous questions & answers, just extremely loose & almost worthless "tag" categorization.

I was only active for 3-months & was suspended for a week first & a 2nd time for 30-days during my first month...for trying to hold self-professed Experts to expert standards & to honesty. Moderator's are doing well in "protecting" their positions & the tenured industry salesmen.

No, I didn't find anyone who "claimed" to be a Professional or Expert to be anything close to that. I was told repeatedly...this is far from everything, just some low-lights:

A- Electrical - something which breaks a circuit, is not a circuit breaker. Because it's not a little black box with a light switch on it...just stupid.

B- Electrical - no ground wire goes into the Earth, has nothing to do with a "real" circuit breaker tripping & that a ground wire must be "seen" by the circuit breaker in order for a trip to occur...I still can't believe that bundle of idiocy.

C- Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Insulation, Fasteners, Carpentry, Concrete & Flooring - only what a liar & deceiver Moderator (they all are) says matters. If they don't know whatever Code doesn't matter, you're wrong, that part of whatever Code doesn't exist & you should be ridiculed, down-voted & have swaths of points & a badge or 2 revoked...again, numerous times.

I finished my final stretch with a couple of close calls, due to my testing of certain individuals, but managed to avoid a 3rd suspension & was literally the top of the heap for every week & for the quarter. See the "Leagues" here.

It was a rough ride & I found the average person running away. I had my answers & comments edited, deleted & even stolen dozens of times by Moderators. Many Answerers steal their answers from other sites. Negative & profanity filled chats, "magically" erased. A_L_L complaints go to the Moderators. Email notices get turned off. And, Comments get intercepted.

Incredibly though, the Community fails. Answer uniformity isn't there & many answers & Answerers contradict themselves for the same exact situation. But, the government surveillance is in perfect shape. The idiots see that they're answering the same stuff in an endless loop, but keep on contributing anyway. Though clearly, no end is meant to be accomplished.

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