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Why do my toilets flush slowly and often incompletely?
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I picked up some CLR and scrubbed all the jets under the rim. I even ran some through the tank - open flapper so as to minimize contact with the rubber and plastic. Using a mirror and a small piece of ...

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What's the best way to hang an unframed poster on a sloping wall without using something that will damage the poster?
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I hang my posters gallery-style. Get a piece of glass (or plexi) cut to the exact size of the poster. Buy some nice hanging nails and use them to rest the glass on - one at each corner. The nails ...

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Should I purchase single tools, or a tool set?
2 votes

I'm a fan of single tools and not going with the cheapest. Quality is very important if you don't want to keep replacing tools every few years. Garage sales and thrift stores can be great places to ...

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Door jamb on a 2.5" thick wall
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I saw this posting today and thought of this question. What about just finishing the opening and using a sliding door?

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What to do with this exterior insulation?
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I have something similar at my home. It's below, but not underneath, the siding. It's over the foundation blocks. I'm in the process of just removing it altogether. From what I've been told by ...

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