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Which home automation standards will work with Apple and/or Google's forthcoming sofware?
2 votes

All that Google has, from what I know (and googled to double check), is that they own Nest. They apparently had an "Android @ Home" project a few years ago, but I couldn't find any recent news on it. ...

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When is the best period to fix a door frame?
1 votes

Well the big thing you're going to notice is just humidity will change it a lot. If you want a door that closes properly year round, then the best time would be when it is not too humid, or not too ...

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Can I use a wall tile on the floor?
0 votes

A few problems, wall tiles aren't built to withstand weight like floor tiles, so they are more prone to breaking. (my floor tiles already started breaking too after many years, so you're probably ...

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Which way does the air flow through my furnace?
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7 votes

Red, here's a diagram that shows airflow in a furnace:

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