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I'm a senior-level front-end engineer with over a decade of experience in large companies (IBM and Adobe) and startups in Silicon Valley. I write impeccable code that's well organized, easy to read, well commented, and architecturally elegant.

My work has contributed to a number of clients success and growth. Blurb’s software Bookify, for which I was a primary consultant, helped Blurb to grow to be the fastest growing media company of 2010 according to Inc magazine.

I also run a successful software-based business. I brought the product TurnOn Tracker, a social CRM written in Ruby on Rails, to fruition by securing capital, hiring and managing a team, and releasing to the public. So I'm familiar with the big picture in the software business.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for specific skills and projects I've worked on. My proudest is TurnOn Tracker.

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