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How should I drain fuel from my mower?
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13 votes

I have always just had a "last mow of the year", where when I run the mower dry, and I've never had a problem. Then you're not really "wasting" the gas. Depending on your model (and it looks like ...

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Am I having trouble finding studs because my walls are lath and plaster?
8 votes

I've come to rely on a pair of neodymium magnets for all things wall-related. A single magnet will help you find studs (namely, the nails and screws in the drywall or lath), and help you avoid ...

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How does the cost of conduit compare to conventional wiring?
3 votes

I personally can not advocate running (mostly empty) conduit all over your unfinished house. The costs will add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and could add several man days of labor. Then, ...

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