A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

The "C" or Common wire provides a way to get constant 24VAC power to the thermostat, now required by many newer thermostats with WiFi and/or touchscreens.
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For questions about large appliances that automatically wash dishes.
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Horizontal support structures beneath the floor running between load bearing walls.
For questions generally relating to the outer "skin" of a home or other building, and the materials, features and fixtures generally found and used to construct and maintain it.
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For questions generally relating to the artificial stone-like building material typically called "brick", and also related materials like "cinder block" and natural stone blocks.
Questions about the structure of a building (i.e. moving, adding or repairing walls).
For questions generally relating to the proper insertion of a particular device or feature into a home, building or other structure. As this topic is very broad in general, when using this tag please …
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Planning, installing and troubleshooting circuits using electrical dimmer switches for controlling the brightness of lighting.
when the topic is about a normal fence like around a yard. It can be wood or chain-link, etc.
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Preventing, identifying, or treating mold infestations in the home.
used in a central heating system to heat water that is pumped through pipes to radiators within the home.
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Structure above the floor joists and below any finished flooring.
Questions about wires, usually seen in electrical applications. Questions with this tag are typically about sizing wires appropriately for the projected usage, but could also be about properties of or…
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used to protect electrical wires, when a simple jacket alone is not enough. Conduit may be metal or plastic (PVC). Use with the [electrical] tag.
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Vertical member in wall framing.
when the topic is about organized storage for quick-access, with or without doors, like in a kitchen or a pantry, and as opposed to open shelving..
for any situation where fresh air needs to be infiltrated such as while painting or varnishing, drying carpets, etc., to prevent buildup of unsafe gasses including Radon.
Questions about systems that produce and distribute heated water.
A substance used for sticking objects or materials together.
Trim provides a transition between different surfaces and materials, covers gaps and adds a finished look. Trim includes molding (moulding), wainscoting, mantels, etc.
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For questions about exhaust fans -- i.e. fans used to remove air from specific rooms in a building and exhaust it to the outside in order to control humidity and/or combustion products. Exhaust fans,…
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used to allow drain water to flow freely by permitting air the enter the system, usually through a vent stack or an air admittance valve. Use with the [plumbing] tag
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a common type of plastic pipe, used for both plumbing as well as electrical conduit. Use with the [plumbing] or [conduit] tags when your question is specific to this type of…
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furniture making, repair, and refinishing
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For questions generally relating to outdoor ground-level flooring areas such as patios.
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A device for securing access, typically on a door, and typically controlled with a key or combination.
For questions dealing with 240 volt electrical circuits, devices, and equipment. This tag covers the similar voltages as well (i.e. 220, 230, etc), since they generally refer to the same thing. Use wi…
For questions about conventional gas or electric ovens used for baking. For a microwave oven, use the microwave-oven tag. See also range and stove which are similar but refer to different appliances.
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a container used to enclose electrical connections (junctions).
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