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What type of contractor do I call to build a custom pool equipment enclosure that attaches to my fence?

Would figure a pool company will have or knows someone that knows how to build pool equipment enclosures. They don't want their equipment being in the wrong enclosure. Ask neighbours/friends for ...
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where can I get a true 3/4" x 3/4" molding?

If you want to make it you'll need a router and a corner round over bit with a 3/4" radius. For that small amount of material you are likely better off just looking up woodworking and calling ...
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Good technique for squaring-up hardwood edges?

I have most of the required tools to do this type of work, but back when I didn't I would mount my board to a square chunk of wood, like a 4" x 4" and tape my sandpaper down on a flat ...
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How do I identify and replace unusual screws?

I live in Tacoma, WA and when I have an issue finding a fastener to replace one or am just trying to find one that most stores do not carry, I use a speciality store/warehouse, called Tacoma Screw. ...

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