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Another possibility is camp fuel. This is essentially naptha, but is often more easily found. VERY flamable. Use outside. Once softened to remove the gunk, you can get plastic razor blades from some woodworking stores (used to remove glue excess without hurting wood surface.) A credit card may work. Final residue should come off with fine steel wool. ...


Naphtha is my go-to solvent for degreasing tools and auto parts, removing adhesive residue from stickers, etc. I don't recall ever having trouble with it damaging a surface; it's likely not to harm the lacquer. In the USA it is often sold as "VM&P Naphtha" or similar, meaning "varnish makers & painters." I haven't tried cleaning (removing) linseed ...


From what I understand, white spirits/mineral spirits should work, but turpentine is maybe better. I also understand that WD-40 will work as well, but I have no first-hand experience using it for removing linseed oil. Incidentally, I believe turpentine in German is "Terpentin" while "Terpentinersatz" is white spirits. Both seem to be available here, for ...


I would probably drill holes through the piping and screw/bolt it directly to the frame. They won't budge if fastened properly with screws. I guess I would glue it as well... Or how about some straps like these on both sides of each pipe:

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