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I've inadvertently (or vertently) removed those screws many times. With a little force they'll go back in, just like they did at the factory. If you're then able to adequately tighten the screw onto the wire loop, all good. If not, replace the device.


Can you run Ethernet over an old phone cable? Not officially, but possibly in practice. You can run 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet over any two wire pairs (the other two wire pairs in a standard "RJ45"/8P8C Ethernet connector are unused until you get to Gigabit Ethernet). The standard requires twisted pair cables (to reduce interference), which ...


Id go gfci-switch-fan if you can, but if not you should be fine. Most gfcis are made to stay on even if the input power is turned off. We have a gfci in our garage on a switch for some lights, and over 3 or 4 years it only tripped once or twice.


The screw is given a burr to discourage removing it completely. This can mess up the threads when it is removed. You can recover the threads with a tap and die, but for the cost of a new SPST switch it's probably not worth the risk. That said, often the threads aren't too badly damaged and you can put it back together by filing the tip of the screw and then ...

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