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Okay to screw into a vinyl sash?

You can. Depending on the screws you may not even need to pre-drill (some are self-drilling or simply small enough). If you do, keep it small--just under the screw shank diameter. Plastic deforms ...
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What to do about leaking windows in a recently constructed home?

It's almost always poorly done flashing, which requires opening up the siding around the windows to correct. It won't show in your pictures, because it's hidden by the siding and trim. Water should be ...
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Help With Decaying Window - How To Fix The Gap

Unless there's some rot in the actual wood that isn't obvious, all you need is window glazing compound. You can choose between latex and oil-based; latex is certainly going to be easier to use and ...
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Framing new window in detached garage load bearing wall - temporary wall necessary?

Your single king studs are good based on IRC R602.7.5. Assuming a 50 psf snow load, IRC Table R602.7 indicates that a double 2x6 header with single jack studs is adequate. If you install the double ...
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Fixing window counter-balance cord

If the window is an Andersen window, the ballast will be under the vinyl cover at the top of the window. The edge of the cover is covered by the trim at the top, where the cover makes a corner to wrap ...
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Repair or replace windows - 94 home

Moisture, whether droplets or "fog" inside the windows does indicate a failed seal, and the only repair for that is a new sealed pane unit. Depending on the state of the frame that can be ...
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Why don't American homes have blinds on the outside of their windows?

We have window screens in the US vs Shutters. Most shutters in the US are decorative unless they are those security or storm/hurricane type. There are interior shutters but are usually pretty ...
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