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Sand/silt in my well water after a power outage

At a guess, some insignificant amount of sand was suspended in the well pipe. Once pumping stopped, it settled to the bottom, and the came out in one noticeable "lump" when pumping restarted ...
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How to get rid of phosphorus in my well water

Removal options for phosphorous (suitable for drinking water, there are many more for treating waste water) appear to be activated carbon and reverse osmosis filtration.
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Automated Main shut-off before well pressure tank affect downstream system as everything empties due to leak

Moen Answer on changes to where shutoff is placed: After 3 emails to Moen support of shutoff valve they finally came back with a recommendation for the shutoff to be moved to behind the pressure tank. ...
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How do we prevent air in the water lines from our well?

Sometime during a dry spell walk along the buried line with a temperature detector gun. There should be a cooler wet spot where the leak is.
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