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How does rain water get into my window well

All the other answers have great points. Deeply investigate WHERE the water is coming from. If it's from the roof or surface, that has to be dealt with. That said, if it's ground water or just ...
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Need advice for well water chlorine

I've had a chloreine injection system on our well water for 15+ years now, and the people that installed it put the injection point coming in from above. So likely you have the same sort of setup and ...
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Transfer switch "inline" to well pump as opposed to vicinity of breaker panel

Subpanel to the Rescue Since you only have one circuit, all you need near the pump is a disconnect. However, there is no reason you can't have a subpanel as the disconnect. For example, you could ...
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Having to replace inline well filter weekly

You're using the wrong type of filter if the issue is sand, and you have to change it. Look into a "spin-down filter with reservoir" where the sand is flung out by vortex action, collected ...
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Having to replace inline well filter weekly

The problem is your well is too shallow. If you choose to not drill it deeper you may be successful with a series of filters. The spin down type of filters are self cleaning, in that you just open the ...
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