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Kobalt Weed Eater unspools immediately on running

Your problem is most likely related to not getting the spring and spool stops inside the spool housing assembled correctly. A spring is normally used to keep the spool pushed up against a clutch or ...
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What's the best way to remove dead weeds from cracks in concrete?

If this was my home, I would do the following to remove the eyesore and minimize the repeat of it happening in the future: Remove what I could with a weed trimmer tipping it to get into the crack as ...
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Tools or Techniques for Removing Grass and Moss from Brick Patio

Round-Up 365 will stop frequent reoccurrence. But, with Round-Up 365 only, you spray everything down & when dead & dry in 2-weeks, just scuff the remnants away with your shoe or a string ...
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Kobalt Weed Eater unspools immediately on running

I just figured out the answer to the problem. I had this exact same problem and just fixed it. The problem is the winding of the cutting filament. As long as all the mechanics look correct and working ...
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