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Is visible daylight between lead flashing and the chimney brick stack normal?

That flashing is bad. If you see light obviously water can get in. Get that fixed ASAP. Then also Use chimney brick waterproofing spray or cream. It’s siloxane based. Use as described. It’s looks like ...
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Chimney still leaking despite reflashing and coating

Use a crown coat sealant and a brick waterproofer spray. Your chimney brick is absorbing water. Your chimney crown is letting water in.
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Can plumber's silicone grease be used as dielectric grease?

I'm a Plumber and happened upon this thread, perhaps I can help, as I have used both of these thousands of times. Plumber's grease is usually of thin consistency and is usually in a remarkably larger ...
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How can I prevent water from running behind my gutters and under shingles near a wall?

On the first issue, I had a similar problem and fixed it by buying some aluminum flashing and shoving it behind the drip guard such that the bottom half was inside the gutters. Then I placed a screw ...
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Does the rough-in valve trim install onto backer board or tile?

I have no idea what you are worried about. I never in my life have seen trim installed under tile. By doing so you would be creating an extrusion under the tile that could in fact hold water. ...
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Does the rough-in valve trim install onto backer board or tile?

The shower valve trim will always go over the tile. Usually the trim will have a foam backing ring that should compress against the tile and prevent water from getting behind it. If the tile is uneven ...
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Does the rough-in valve trim install onto backer board or tile?

The trim goes over the tile and covers the hole. Caulk around the edge to seal it from the water. Leave a little spot at the very bottom uncaulked as a weep hole.
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Removed the skirt of the siding now the subflooring is exposed. What should I do?

Without a better picture, it appears to be a 2X plate that is attached to the concrete and not subfloor. If it is a home built within the past 30 or 40 years or so, it may be pressure treated (PT) to ...
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