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Has my home water pressure meter (or regulator) gone bad?

Pressure regulators don't give any reading, that's done by pressure gauges. Those can (rather rarely, though with cheaply made ones perhaps more often) go bad, as can the regulators (which typically ...
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i have two water tank with same dimension and height therefore have the same water pressure, if I combine the two tank in one water line(supply))

Water pressure is developed by heigh. Each foot is ~ .43 psi the tank could be 1 inch in diameter 100’ high and have 43 psi or it could be 50’ in diameter at 100’ and it would still have 43 psi. So ...
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Well Pressure Switch Slipping from Original Setting

If your well was set up properly to operate at 20/40 PSI and you changed it to 60/80 without also changing other things (such as a much larger, or additional, pressure tank) I'd fully expect it not to ...
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