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Is this the right way to change heating element for hybrid electric water heater?

You have a hybrid which combines 100 year old water heater tech with new tech called a Heat Pump Water Heater. This is what makes the unit so very efficient. Grab your water heater manual (Google ...
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Water heater replacement

With unknown maintenance done to it before, plus leaking, repair might work for a short time or make it worst. At 20 years old, replacement is usually the best choice, since it removes the repair cost ...
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Connecting 1” PVC to 1/2” PEX

There is no reason why you cannot connect the two. Any combination of adapters that mate will do, and the most common adapters you can use will have pipe threads as the mating fitting. The first ...
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Spa heater conversion to residential tankless hot water heater

Why do you suppose people bother to install big home EV chargers, and not just charge their car with the cell phone charger they already have? A cell phone charger is like $7 at any gas station. ...
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How to set temperature and mixing valve for heat pump water heater?

For a heat pump water heater, lower temperature settings are more efficient because the temperature differential on the heat pump affects its operating efficiency. For a resistance heater, that doesn'...
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