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The combination of GFCI and AFCI may sound like a good idea, but AFCI’s do not handle motor loads well and motor loads with wave shaping like variable speed on a motor load if just about to be assured of tripping a AFCI protection device. GFCI’s will usually do ok on small motor loads but I have seen them trip when the motor is turned off if there is a ...


It may sound silly but a stainless steel screw should plug the hole, at least temporarily. Try some 'stix all' or some similar rubbery adhesive, wait for it to dry (in a smooth band) and then hold in place with a jubilee clip.


Here is an easy thing to try : I had the same issue. It happened after I removed the barrel to clean it. When I remove the head, I pulled out a transparent tube that goes into the head of the machine. It is some sort of sensor connector. Once I plugged it back, it stopped draining after filling up.


I thought I would share our experience because there's no mention of this issue on the web. Our washing machine would not power on. It is a digital, three-year old, LG top loader. We unplugged and plugged it back in several times and sometimes that would work. We removed the front 'pretty' button-picture panel (not really sure what to call it). It's sort of ...


I used a dollar store suction cup. As I was pressing it to adhere, the washer turned on. It is staying affixed for now.


try liquid dish soap. squirt onto stain and let sit for a few hours. this will take the old style blue ink (that used to be on packages of meat when I was a kid) out of your sink or formica countertops. The stain rises to the top of the soap puddle. Then you can repeat. no scrubbing needed just time.

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