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Removing a built-in desk from my wall

The stuff on the edges is caulking. It is sticky, but usually a thin sharp knife/razor blade will cut though it. The cabinets and maybe the top will probably also be screwed to the wall. Once the ...
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Stucco in need of repair?

You should have the stucco cut back, install a flashing like you have on the timber above to overlap the shingles and the refinish the stucco.
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Drill hole external wall for security camera install

Very likely the coating is over some form of brick or concrete or cinder block. Meaning: hammer drill.
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How do I find plumbing/electrical in drywall?

The electrical (and plumbing) should be far enough behind the surface that 1" screws into the studs would be safe. And ideally they should be covered with protective metal plates where they go ...
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shower question - what is this substance in the walls?

It looks like Durock, which is 100% approved for showers.
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