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What is causing some of the receptacles in my trailer to not output 120V?

By first 2 breakers, you mean the top two left and right side, not top and bottom? It sounds like a loose or dirty connection on the low side between the meter and main breaker or the main breaker not ...
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What is causing some of the receptacles in my trailer to not output 120V?

When I test the two wires that are hooked to the 100amp breaker, one side shows about 124V and the other only shows about 110V. The heavy imbalance between one voltage and the other indicates that ...
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Why is my electrical panel buzzing?

The buzzing noise you're hearing could be caused by a loose connection or a faulty breaker. When current flows through a loose connection, it can create vibration and buzzing sounds. The voltage ...
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When I replaced a ceiling fan, I noticed the fan circuit had about 30 V on it when the light circuit was on and vice versa

You're picking up what's called phantom voltage. Wires can pick up voltage from nearby wires through mutual capacitance, even though they are not actually connected. Voltmeters have very high ...
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Why is my electrical panel buzzing?

Either find the broken/bad joint in the conduit, or (might be simpler) add a ground wire in this particular circuit's conduit. At some point the hot to ground voltage will be correct. If that point is ...
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Three way switch circuit leaking voltage

In this case you would be well off and more money ahead to rewire the system.first check inside of any junction boxes to make sure that you don't have any skinned wires. Phantom voltage is leaking ...
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