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All my registers have a black foam strip around them, like the foam weather strips you can get at your home store. The strips are about 1" x 1/4" by perimeter of register.


An HRV pre-warms the incoming air during winter months. At low continuous speeds, this mingles with existing interior air and does not reduce the inside humidity. An HRV adds so much comfort to the interior climate. In summer the air movement equalizes temperatures throught the interior space, adding to the comfort level. During the 90s I installed over 1000 ...


My brother had the exact same problem. Luckily the building had all the wires in conduit. I was able to install a duplex switch in the single gang switch box, run two additional wires in the existing conduit from the switch box to the light/fan fixture and rewire it so the light and fan had their own switch. He now runs the fan when the downstairs people are ...


That is a tough situation and I think the only real solution is to have separate ventilation pipes. Is there a clause in your agreement that addresses the issue. I would do some legal research before bringing it up again with building management.

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