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I'm in the same situation. I think it depends on size of your home and number of people. If you've many people and do lots of cooking, shower, laundry etc and have smaller home then HRV is better because it will get rid of excess moisture. If you you've a large home, few people and air is very dry in winters then ERV is better. Also read ERV is better for ...


So you'll have a single pole double throw switch controlling a ceiling fan in the up position and a switched outlet in the down position. This will work but keep in mind that when the ceiling fan is on and the outlet off, you're timer in the outlet will lose it's setting. You'll also need that outlet to be GFCI protected. You might consider a switch with the ...


Your plan to cut back the roof sheathing back 1" on either side of the ridge is the way it is done whether the roof is truss or conventional, framed with a ridge pole. I have seen formed aluminum ridge caps used over this cutout or the fiber mat that allows the regular shingles used for the caps to cover over the matting. The angle of the roof will ...


You could take out the soffit panels and slide the vents in from the bottom also. I've done that on occasion

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