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Why don't people install cold air return vents into wood stove surrounds?

Because a lot of basements where woodstoves are installed are unconditioned space- they dont have HVAC heat installed. Connecting the return on an HVAC system to a woodstove, when the woodstove is ...
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Mold on Bathroom Ceiling

The root cause of the reoccurring mold was not the ceiling, but the walls. There is a decorative ring of dark colored tiles at the top of the shower, and these were hiding mold. Deep cleaning the ...
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Mold on Bathroom Ceiling

Did you put in the new bath fan after the rest of the remodel? If the new ceiling was up for even a few days before you got your ventilation system up and running, there’s a chance that mold could ...
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Can I reduce the size of my baseboard diffusers?

Diffusers do two things. They diffuse. They restrict flow. Less diffusing might cause some parts of the room to be warmer or cooler, it might cause drafts to be felt near the register, it might be ...
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Can I reduce the size of my baseboard diffusers?

The answer lies in two things: The actual area of the duct opening The need for diffusion around the room Years ago I removed cumbersome, oversized diffusers spanning two duct openings from my 1950s ...
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Is it better to have more, smaller-size soffit vents or fewer, larger-size vents?

Ideally, a continuous vent that allows air to enter each rafter bay is best. Most homes do not have this; rather individual cut vents. The importance is to have intake square footage greater than ...
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