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The reduction is extremely important! So when someone else turns the water on it will have enough pressure to feed both. Notice toilet flush reduces water pressure in the shower. If it were 1/2" all the way to every access, and you turned on multiple valves at multiple elevations, you'd lose pressure and run the risk of creating a syphon. That would suck ...


It does sound like the valve and/or solenoid is bad. You measured 27 volts, but that's only about 10% above the specified value, which is pretty close for a random transformer. The voltage will likely sag as you approach the rated current draw from the transformer, but even if it doesn't that's pretty close.


Freeze the pipe I've heard tales of stopping a pipe for valve replacement by freezing the water but I haven't ever attempted it. Take this as an entirely untested theory. I suppose it might go something like the following. Choose a location on the pipe sufficiently far from the valve to be replaced and pack dry ice around the pipe. It's probably a good ...


If you have a shower mixer that lets through it is possible for mains pressure cold water to backflow through the mixer and into the hot water tank system.

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