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Water valve type under sink

Appears to be CVPC - there isn't enough length for the full description to show up in the printing (which can be seen, in part, on the longer vertical section.) The color is typical of CPVC. The ...
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Not enough room for water stop valve below kitchen sink

There are a few options here: You could cut the copper supply pipe and add a 90 or 45 deg. elbow to raise the valve away from the drain. You can replace the valve with a 90 deg. 1/4 turn valve. OR; ...
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How to remove Giacomini plastic radiator valve head?

Place the metal part into a vice then use a screwdriver to lever/prise it off by resting shank of screwdriver onto vice and levering the plastic upwards with the end of the screwdriver. This will ...
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Leaky shutoff valve - Main to outdoor backyard

In addition to what @crip659 mentioned in the comments, You might have to remove the valve stem from the base by turning the big nut counterclockwise and removing the valve stem. This is probably a ...
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Cleaning an R&T toilet fill valve

Hold the bottom part firmly and use pliers to grab the top between the two plastic pieces that stick up. Push down kind of hard and turn the white part counter clockwise about a quarter of a turn. The ...
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