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Unless installing a rigid material such as new plywood, luan, cement board, etc - you generally do not nail it down. When you do, ring shank is the right type of nail. But it has to be a decent quality nail vs. the cheapest bidder, also, the condition of the flooring it is being nailed into is quite important. Just nailing into plywood isn't going to cut it ...


You need to always follow the metal roofing manufacturer’s recommendations for installation, but generally you can use 1-layer of 15# building paper if the slope is 4:12 or greater and it’s standing seam metal roof with concealed fasteners. You need a minimum of 2-layers 15# building paper if it’s a slope between 2:12 and 4:12. Below 2:12 slope you need ...


My roofers used Feltbuster under my standing seam metal roof about 7 yrs ago. I've had no issues. Although I think this stuff is fairly expensive. Not sure I'd spend that for a tool or mower shed--but if your shed will house more delicate/valuable items, I'd use it.

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