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Smells in AC systems are somewhat common. When the heat is used the drip pans dry out and any gunkies (a professional term for growth in the drip pan). When the AC is used the dormant gunkies get some moisture and come to life. The moisture is normal when the AC is on. Ways to reduce or eliminate this growth add condensate pan tablets or strips that kill the ...


Those fasteners are called cam locks or cam bolts. Here are photos of a cam lock nut and a cam lock bolt (or screw, or stud). Your photo shows quite a large gap, especially at the lower left. Cam lock fasteners are not intended to draw a joint closed; they really should only hold it snug after the pieces have been fully pressed together. Try rotating the ...


The valve may have failed internally ; the handle still turns but does not close the valve. I had one fail in that manner last month.


Single handle faucets can allow water to flow from the hot side to the cold if turned on at all. Not sure if some of them will allow the flow when turned full off. Fix would be to turn off the hot water shutoff valve under your sinks. If the flow is coming thru a bathtub or shower valve, that would be more difficult. Might be easiest to simply remove the ...

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