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How do I do transition between same level hardwood and tile floors?

If you can get a nice straight, square cut of the wood at the edge of the tile, I'd just use some caulk that matches the grout color, between "wood" and tile.
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What is the name of this trim piece on my wooden sliding door?

If you are speaking of the moulding with the blue line, that is known as clamshell . Your dimensions; 5/8 x 3 1/2 " indicate it is baseboard rather than door casing which is usually 2 1/4". ...
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What is the name of this trim piece on my wooden sliding door?

I think you’re talking about standard door casing. If it looks like cardboard, then it’s ‘mdf’ (medium density fiberboard). You can replace with wood, of course. (Better if in a moisture prone area.)
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Apply spackling or skip ahead to primer?

There's no right answer. It all depends on a balance of how much time you have vs. what you consider to be an acceptable job. All of that loose paint has to be scraped off. The moulding could take ...
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Making a custom bathtub, using fibreglass and a suitable high-strength smooth coating

I refinish cast iron, fiberglass and steel enamel bathtubs and also do custom fiberglass designs. What you are wanting to do is not that expensive. The main thing to worry about is that it must be ...
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Installing curved shower rod in standing shower stall

Yes, of course you can. The attachment method will depend on the molding material and its thickness, and perhaps on the type of wall that sits behind the molding. I recommend drilling pilot holes ...
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How can I wrap trim around a corner where the floors have different levels?

The best way would be: Buy a new transition strip and have it go all the way across. Cut a return and glue it to the end of the lighter quarter round. Make a return for the darker quarter round and ...
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