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I use an epoxy filler I have around for repairing wood rot. You could probably use regular Bondo or equivalent. My siding contractor face nailed all the Azek corner and trim boards, so I ended up epoxy filling all of the holes, sanding smooth, and painting the entire boards white. (with a roller) Painting composite trim actually causes it to shed water ...


They have a filler for finish nail holes. I’m not sure how it would do for countersunk screws. 


So long as you can keep the bricks, and the mold, and the cracks dry you'll be fine. This is probably not the case, so get galvanised or stainless fasteners.


Caulk it in and wipe of any excess with a slightly damp sponge so the latex caulk is only in the gap, nothing smeared on the surface to make the caulk/gap seem bigger than it is.


This is multiple questions but luckily I have dealt with all three and will answer each on their own. The door trim... You have two options... Completely reinstall the doors or to install a base/bottom for each piece. In that corner I would even go so far as installing an "L". I would suggest buying a pine plinth at big box ($3) and you could ...

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