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I am assuming you had an alarm system that isn't being used when you moved in the home? That looks like an alarm system plug. It should be safe to remove, but as someone else said make sure you turn the breaker off just to make sure.


20 years ago, you needed 120V in the US/Canada for lighting unless you went "industrial". That is absolutely not the case any more. (You do still need 120V if you want to have a standard convenience receptacle for ordinary household stuff.) Most lighting now (or most that you should use anyway) uses LEDs. LEDs don't work on 120V. LEDs don't work on ...


Don't put this DC PSU inside the ceiling. These kinds of adapters are not 100% reliable. Sometimes they get hot. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes the connector for the AC supply fails. Find a suitable serviceable location for the PSU, near an existing or new power socket where it can be plugged in. You can run the DC cord into a wall and to the first ...

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