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Will using the 10A port on meter to test transformer cause it to pop?

The resistance of a typical meter on the 10A scale is less than 0.1 ohms. This is effectively a short. When you attached the meter leads across the COM and 120V terminals, you shorted the mains ...
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Fixing constant humming from mechanical doorbell with video doorbell ringers (ring/skybell)

The resistor across the doorbell drops the voltage across the old mechanical (solenoid) doorbell. If the voltage across the doorbell is too high, the doorbell will buzz. The video doorbells draw a ...
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Is the copper wire the grounding wire? doorbell transformer

Yes that bare copper wire at the bottom of the electrical box is the safety ground. You should check closely in the box. The bare copper wires from both electrical cables entering from the top-back of ...
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