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Can You Help Identify This Tool? Assuming It's 1800s!

This is a combination tool for Springfield Model 1892–99 Krag–Jørgensen rifles, the US army service rifle introduced in 1894 and phased out after 1903. The specimen that you own is missing the rivet. ...
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Metal tubes stuck together: drilled a hole in one. How to get leverage?

I use my drill press. Restore a lot of 80s bmx where they used aluminum race seat posts and some chromoly ones I’ve had stick. Steel on steel patience and time is a virtue. Now aluminum fuses during ...
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How to repair the handle of a mitre saw

With the possibility of the handle breaking and my hand slipping down into the path of a spinning blade, if it were mine, I'd search online for a factory replacement handle. (Yes, I know many tools ...
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I have a circuit breaker in my panel which I don't know where it goes. How can I find it out?

Anything is possible. Code says that you can't just leave live wires in walls. They have to end in a junction box and the box has to be accessible. Of course, if your house is like my house, there are ...
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How to repair the handle of a mitre saw

Find a way to clamp the handle back together, perhaps with a large woodworker’s clamp, so that the crack line is nearly invisible and the the switch is retained solidly where it belongs; this is key ...
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