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How do I pronounce the Spanish words for various home improvment tools?

Your pronunciation of Spanish names for tools (e.g. "martillo" for "hammer") will improve if you are willing to misspell the words. CorrectSpelling PhoneticSpelling MARTILLO M-AW-...
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How do you pronounce the Spanish word for "*hammer*"?

Your pronunciation of the Spanish word for "hammer" will improve if you misspell it. CorrectSpelling PhoneticSpelling MARTILLO M-AW-RT-EE-O How to misspell the letter 'A' Spell the letter ...
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How can I get my lawnmower bolt off?

The blade bolt may be of a small enough size that putting a "cheater pipe" on it or using a longer ratchet or "breaker bar" will just sheer the bolt off. It is possible that the ...
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how to remove plastic stuck inside core drill bit

This just happened to me multiple times while drilling holes in the bottom of several large planters. I was able to use the blade of a box cutter to coax the plastic circles out of the bit. It had to ...
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