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Either stick a screwdriver/crowbar in the gap round the edge and lever it up, or just stick a crowbar into the grillwork and lever. Be careful with the second option though - if it's fixed in hard, you might snap the grill. Check the small holes at the top and bottom of the picture - they might contain some sort of bolt which needs to be unscrewed with (eg)...


It is a electric striker for lighting a oxy acetylene torch , I have the same one, I bought it about 30 years ago.


According to an ozzie web site, it's a non-flint electronic spark lighter.


It could be a slim jim auto tool. A slim jim is used to open certain kinds of car doors by slipping between the glass and the frame of the door and grabbing the latch bar.


Looks like a "puller", for pulling string or cord or wire through things. That one could be for mattresses or cushions for the "buttons" or similar.


It can be adapted to many uses but its main intended purpose is to drive threaded cup hooks and similar fittings into their pilot holes.

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