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What power supply adapter used to plug this 12V 1.4W fan into wall?

If it's honestly rated at 1.4W, 12VDC, then any 12VDC supply equal to or greater than 117mA current rating will do. The device won't draw more than it requires for current, so a 12V 500mA (6W) or 12V ...
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This fell out of my toilet when I unscrewed the supply line. What is it?

OP, I know I'm four years and eight months too late, but for the next person that comes along after searching for weird spiral rubber piece in toilet tank supply line, I have a definitive answer on ...
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One toilet in household clogs consistently

Who installed the toilet? If a non-professional, (or even a professional) the wax ring might be mis-aligned causing a partial blockage that lets liquid through, but provides enough of a restriction ...
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What power supply adapter used to plug this 12V 1.4W fan into wall?

The old adapter lists 12V, 200mA so I would find one that matches that. A search on Amazon should get you what you need. (Wattage isn't typically listed, but if the fan draws the full amperage, it ...
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Advice Needed for In-Wall Tank Toilet Wastewater Pipe Installation

I would build a new wall behind the toilet to move it out to be away from the rim joist. (Just 2x6 framing, see my attached pic. Please excuse my shaky hand.) Then run the drain straight to the ...
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