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Solid wood is not an appropriate substrate for tile, no matter how well it's screwed. It just moves too much with the seasons. Even basic plywood is "engineered" in the sense that the plies are oriented at right angles, creating stability. The alternative is to screw it all down, then lay plywood or cement board over the top, but that usually ...


It is personal choice, but large square or rectangular tile in a smallish room will not look "good" if placed parallel to the walls. I have 12" square tiles, in a large kitchen they look fine. But for two small bathrooms, the tile guy said they should be at 45 angle. We did the 45 and it looks good. It sounds like extra cutting but for our ...


Your second option is definitely more challenging due to the added tile cuts needed to stagger the tile. As far as being too busy, once it's grouting in, it will look fine and will show a little imagination and craftsmanship.

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