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WiFi Install no C Wire for thermostat or control panel

The (appliance-internal) Brown wire is your C wire. To bring the C wire to your room thermostat, re-purpose the blue wire in the white cable running to the thermostat to be the C wire. Disconnect it ...
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How can a 240V device with a single hot terminal be wired with two 120v hot wires?

I reviewed the installation instructions. Those terminals are hot/neutral on 120V and L1/L2 on 208V or 240V. You don't switch the ground through the thermostat, it gets directly connected. Your ...
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Need C-wire for new Honeywell RTH6500WF Thermostat

If you can, run the Brown wire coming from the transformer to the thermostat. That would be your C wire.
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Another C-wire for Nest thermostat question

That's a relatively nice installation. Relative to all the much worse ones. Everything in one place, wired in a logical way. It would be nice if all those cables were labelled! Trace all the cables ...
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Honeywell room thermostat, a mechanical non digital type. Is there a way to re-calibrate this?

2.5 degrees is pretty bad, you could try a warranty claim. Unfortunately Honeywell's website does not list this model nor does it list T6360B1028 which seems to be an alternative part number according ...
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