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That is the mount(ing) plate for a U-bolt, like this:


I work at a cabinet shop. The top picture is a face frame cabinet, the name in your diagram is an accurate reflection of what we call it at our shop in the US. The second picture you have is a euro construction cabinet. We build both and for the euro cabinet we just refer to it as a "drawer stretcher" it's only purpose from what I can tell is to add more ...


That looks sort of like a web frame, although only the front rail. A web frame supports the drawer, provides a place to mount the drawer runners, can frame a dust cover, and stiffens the cabinet. From the picture, this looks like it's only there for the last function.


According to this diagram¹ it is a 'mid rail'. That's a pretty standard North American term. It's quite likely you would find alternates from the UK, Europe, etc. I once worked alongside an architect who was educated in England. This fellow tended to call any horizontal support a lintel although I believe the true definition is a bit stricter. ¹ This ...


They are called captive screws or captive panel screws.

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