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Use a different bracket An articulating arm on a single stud is a bad idea. Maybe if it's mounted very well in a wood stud with four 1/4 inch lag screws, maybe. Definitely not on a metal stud and not on plywood. With the arm swung over to one side and some human weight tugging on it, the leverage on the bolts is very high, and it's neither vertical shear ...


Assuming the fan is controlled by some sort of switch - whether a simple manual switch, humidity activated, mechanical timer, etc. - I would open the switch and disconnect either the hot wire or the switched hot wire. One of the pros may speak up with a preference, but my gut feeling is that if the switch has permanently attached wires then disconnect the ...


Remove the entire fan assembly from the housing. It's as simple a unplugging. Probably won't even need a tool. I'd ask why, but you said not to. 🙃


Most bathroom fans have the rough in housing hardwired, but the fan in many cases is simply plugged into the rough in housing. If you want to disable the fan, remove the grill and unplug it and reset the grill.

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