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Can you identify/explain the wiring in my bathroom based on this diagram?

I think there's enough information to answer your question, though you'll have to verify a few things. You won't be able to do this using the existing wiring, for several reasons: You can't have ...
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How to hook up electrical wiring to a heat pump and safety switch to pool pump

Best we can do with wire type and label data not supplied is guess #4 for 60A protection for 60 degree rated NM or UF cable. Wire size on Heat Pumps and motors are calculated independently from ...
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How to hook up electrical wiring to a heat pump and safety switch to pool pump

30A circuit (GFI or not) is 10AWG copper minimum. Could be 8, could be 6, could be 4, but must be at least 10. Use a torque driver to tighten the screws on the connections to the specified torque ...
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How do I add a 2nd light to an existing 3 way switch circuit

If your wiring is exactly the same as the diagram (Warning: there are a lot of ways to wire up a 3-way switch, so it might not be the same.) then you can't do it. The left switch box has neutral but ...
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Does true wireless 3-way switch exist?

True 3-Way Smart Switches (Or as user @Sparky calls it, True Wireless SPDT Smart Switch) are now available. Here are a couple of examples:
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Replacing old light switch (not a professional)

This is a Despard What you're looking at is an early modular wiring device system in the US known as Despard. Replacement parts for this are generally only available at specialty vendors (such as ...
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Replacing old light switch (not a professional)

You have an uncommon setup and are unlikely to find a similar double light switch and outlet combo to replace it with. It is possible there is simply a bad connection. Checking the wiring and ...
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How does blocked vent switch work?

Most likely — there again not seeing the application — A “blocked vent” would cause heat to build up in the furnace vent and the heat would move down into the furnace where a temperature actuated ...
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