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If the pulley is going to be used for slower movements. Then just beef up your wall with a couple of 2x6s and attach it to the top of the wall. Not the truss for sure. I have damaged joists/trusses with things I used for lifting and boxing. They flex too much even if beefed up. If you are going to make quick/jerky thugs then you really need to use ...


An "embankment" is a raised earth to either separate/protect an area from the waterway, such as a levee; or divert, collect, and drain the storm water runoffs, such as the raised earth at the highway entrance/exit ramps. The sloping surface of the raised earth (embankment) requires protection to avoid the fine soil particles been washed away by the ...


Put a thermal film on the skylight windows, let light through but reflect heat. Specified this for some of our triple glazing but the coatings were directly applied to the glass, you will need to either source sticky film or replace the glass units.


The sewer and storm lines are usually deeper than few feet from the grade. If they are buried too shallow, you might need to drop them lower to receive adequate topsoil, and place thermal protection over them to act as a protection for frost. Unless you intend to place heavy items directly over the buried drain lines, no special protection is required. ...


My assessment is this is a partition wall that does not carry the roof load, therefore it is removable without adverse effect. However, to be safe, you should invite a structural inspector or engineer to conduct an inspection and advise on the shoring requirement during modification.

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