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10/3 cable absolutely requires a 30A breaker or less. Period. NEC 240.4(B), which overrides any number anywhere else in Code (though all those other places also limit NM/UF/Romex to 30A). You will need to review your range's UL-approved instructions to see whether it "recommends" or "requires" 8/3 and a 40A breaker. If it "requires", then pull 8/3 (leave ...


You should always follow manufacturer recommendations on wiring requirements for any appliance. Upsizing the feed isn't usually an issue but undersizing it can cause serious problems including fire. If it's too expensive or difficult to run 8/3 you need to consider exchanging your stovetop for one that can be operated safely on your current setup. You might ...


If your switch has the labels still on it, specifically H1, H2, L1, L2 and P, then you can use this: Source:

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