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zip-lok bags work well if you plan to re-ruse the brush for the same purpose in a few days (as an alternative to cleaning the brush) but if you used a two-part paint clean the brush because two-part paints can set in the absense of fresh air.


Not indefinitely, you'll saturate the wood handle, and the ferrule as well; as you paint, mineral spirits (you didn't say paint thinner) will crawl out of the ferrule and dilute and contaminate your paint. The first few square feet using a recently cleaned brush are a mess. I dry my brushes by hanging from a nail or string. That's why brushes have holes ...


We store a lot of brushes in cans of water. As long as the paint/varnish/etc. is oil based, excluding air will be enough to keep them usable for a long time. I have one painter who swears that some of the brushes in his pail have been there decades. The two things to watch out for are rust and evaporation. You want just enough water to cover the bristles,...

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