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I'd find a tile or stone that you would be happy putting as treads/risers on the small concrete steps. I'd try to find something that is 1" thick (maybe a concrete paver). Then I'd use LFT thinset and tile the riser to get the first riser flush with the interior sub floor(before finish floor), I'd top that riser with your tile finished floor. The seconds ...


I have used the thin little "fake bricks" (brick veneer) for this very purpose. It looks like it was supposed to be that way. The only trouble I had was when my kids were younger, they tended to "bang" their boot toes on those bricks a lot going in and eventually one cracked. But it was easy to replace.


Perhaps Water Repellent Wood Preservative plus something for traction? Thin milky liquid, soaks in, seems quite waxy - which is great for preserving the wood, but could be slippery for steps. I'm using Wolman's Woodlife Classic for fascia boards. Paintable.

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