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How do I soundproof the gap under an interior door over a hardwood floor?

This one worked for me. Put it on a pocket door and had do a little work on it for that type of door. Helps with sound attenuation and still allows for air to get through with its offset flaps. ...
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Soundproofing Home from Outside Noise

The unfortunate answer here is that this is going to be an expensive project. You may have noticed that being inside of a modern house, there's often substantially less noise that comes in when ...
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Soundproofing Home from Outside Noise

With focus on the wall facing the most noise: If the insulation in the wall is fiberglass, replace with mineral wool. It may be easier adding a layer on the exterior and facing with a dense siding ...
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Soundproofing Home from Outside Noise

Think of the task as making an enclosure without holes. Even one comparatively small hole will let in sound... so it's plugging one after another. At first, after plugging one or two sound "leaks&...
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