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Contrary to a good friend's advice, who was a plumber, I've several times used oxy-acetyline (as in car body welding, etc.) even on pipes still containing water,and as long as I wait until the solder melts, that's as long as the heat needs to be there. MAPP seems to be close to that, so should do the job. But - I've been welding for many decades.


The wire is called fixture wire it has a fiberglass looking outer braid and many times a very thin white Teflon type inner insulation. The size of the wire is based on the wattage of the cooker on the “spade” or disconnect that is a female and if in a hot area requires a high temp female crimp connector standard nickel plated copper may work but may not last ...


I would order new fuses instead of buying new rice cooker. Fuses are there to protect your rice cooker and not render it useless therefore buy new fuses and enjoy using it for many years to come. Typically, there would be markings on the fuses, just punch those in to google and I'm sure you'll find some online. I would crimp them and then solder over the ...


Those are thermal fuses if you mechanically twist the wire together prior to soldering you will probably be fine 142c is about 287f that is 1/2 the melting point of most solders but I would twist together or western Union splice prior to soldering and the new fuses should blow long before the solder melts. I have fixed coffee pots that have similar fuses ...

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