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Update: We are still not sure what caused the issue, but we had the plumbing company come out and do a vinegar wash of the entire system. This worked and the smell is gone.


It's the PEX tubing!! I just had some added when I had a whole house filtration system put in. Pex leaches over 150 chemicals. Now I'm back to ground zero and I have to get it taken out and replaced with copper. It does smell worse with hot water running. Mine smells like pure plastic. The plumber adding the PEX tubing to my line and it defeated my ...


I had a similar issue. Turned out the drain line from the dishwasher to the disposal had fallen down(still connected though). The hose needs to arch way up above where it attaches to the disposal. This may not have been your problem and it’s been over a year since your original post but for anyone else that comes to this thread take a look at the drain line.


Your closet is going to be considered a small enclosed area, a perfect description for a low-cost ion generator. They are frequently used to eradicate pet odors, smoking smells and even fire damage smells. A family member once sold tool-box sized devices and also rented them out for circumstances similar to yours. It was more of a whole-room device due to ...

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