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I'd be going at it with a strongest vacuum you can come up with. Maybe put a nylon stocking over the end of the hose so the earring doesn't get damaged flying down the pipe.


If you absolutely, positively, must know for certain that you've hooked the earring, the whole earring, and nothing but the earring, then you want an endoscope: An inexpensive USB or WiFi endoscope with attachments costs somewhere around $10 US. All you need to do is connect the endoscope to a phone or a laptop and use it like a webcam. Using the hook ...


You could try a flexible claw pickup. Press the end, the claws open, let go and they close:


A crapshoot might be your best shot. Try getting a few pipe cleaners and bend a hook on the ends and go fishing. They are flexible and won't wedge the earring further down the drain. Some light gauge wire, like bell wire, would probably work too.


A simple and cheap solution is a flexible drain unclog stick (there's no real accepted trade name). They have hooks or tabs on the sides to grip things in the drain and pull them back out. Most hardware and general purpose stores carry them.


The green stuff is cupric chloride, a byproduct of corrosion of the valve body. It's typical of water leakage where the water is of low pH. It's usually found on copper pipes. Your pipes have been painted so it's not forming on them but you do have untreated copper going into the valve. Make sure all the connection are tight.


You should be able to turn the clamp nut by the wall... ...which will allow the horizontal portion of the drain connection to pull out of the wall. It may have enough slide connection so it can be reclamped to use the existing pipe to reach the new down spout on the sink. If it is not long enough then you will need to purchase new parts to achieve a ...


Find and examine an exposed edge on your laminate somewhere -- most easy to find is where the front edge abuts with a wood trim strip (in custom countertop designs) or where it wraps around the front of the countertop (more common with the manufactured type with integrated backsplash). You'll be able to see the dark color of the laminate substrate and also ...


The messing part is a compression fitting and the chrome part a seal fitting. Tape does not solve your problem. If the compression fitting is leaking you need to replace the ring. If the seal fitting is leaking, turn off the water and disassemble the two parts. Thereafter you would be able to see where it is leaking. Anyway I propose to replace both the ...


Figured it out! The upstairs bathroom valve controls the outside spigot on the back of the house. The valve in our master bathroom controls the outside spigot on the front of the house. Thanks for all the help and comments.


You'll want to mount your disposal so the outlet of the disposal can mate up with the pipe that's connected to the wall. It looks like it's currently positioned pretty close if you mount the disposal on the right. If you want it on the left then you'll probably need to shorten the pipe going into the wall and swing the trap around 180 degrees. The outlet of ...

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